There are several things to consider when deciding where to put your new birdhouse. Height off the ground for one. Certain species like to nest at certain heights and the list below will help you figure out what you need.

The heights listed are from the ground to the birdhouse hole.
(Use the lowest opening as a guide with a multi-hole birdhouse.)

Another thing to consider is location. Is there a lot of foot traffic? Will the birdhouse opening be facing a bird feeder? (With multi-hole houses the birds can usually find an opening they like without much adjustment.)

Birds don't like to see other birds from inside the birdhouse and will avoid such a set up. Imagine yourself inside the birdhouse looking out. What do you see? Bird feeders? Bird bath? Even a small turn to the left or right can make the house much more appealing.
Did you know that some species raise more than one brood a season?

Becasue of this it is very important to wait until you are sure your house is no longer being used before you move it or take it down.

We recommend waiting until the first hard frost in fall.